I don’t know if you guys are the right people to ask, but I thought I’d chance it. What are places on the body that can get “non-lethally” shot? Like places where a bullet can hypothetically go through (completely) and not kill you, assuming you had medical aid nearby?

So, this is one of those things. There is no such thing as a safe gunshot wound. If you get shot, without medical attention, there’s a real probability it will kill you.

With immediate medical attention, gunshots are very survivable. Life threatening, don’t mess around with it, it can still kill you, but you’re odds of living are much better than your odds of dying.

A study conducted on Philadelphia first responders (police, and EMTs) pegs the survival rate for gunshot wounds that make it to the emergency room at around 67%. The mortality rate during transport was in the high 20% range (I don’t have the data set in front of me, so I’m working off an abstract.)

So, if you get shot, and someone can get you to the hospital, you have a pretty decent chance of living. In the past, I’ve pointed out that getting shot in the head is surprisingly survivable (the odds of dying are somewhere around 95-98%). I can’t recommend it as a career path, but people can and do survive those.

In cases where the bullet results in serious internal damage, like a collapsed lung, there is a real chance you can survive. There’s also a chance you’ll never fully recover from your injuries, depending on what got shot. And, even if you do survive, you’re going to be out of commission for a long time while you recover.

One bullet is an immediate threat to your life, but it’s not an automatic death sentence.

Getting shot ten or twenty times? Then you’re probably screwed. Again, this is survivable, but the more holes bullets make in you, the faster you’ll bleed to death. So, getting hit repeatedly is a much more dangerous situation.


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