I need your help and I really hope you will answer it pretty early. one of my characters is going to poison another and I need a poison that will cause blood vomiting but that person must survive. ideas?

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. While things like adder bites and arsenic can result in the victim vomiting blood, that’s usually an indicator that things are so far gone they’re going to die. Petroleum Distillates (gasoline, kerosine, paint thinner, ect.) can result in someone coughing up blood and surviving, but it also results in some pretty nasty damage to the nervous system.

In very broad strokes, to end up vomiting blood, you’re looking at poisons that have already passed into the lethal range. Rubbing alcohol can make you vomit blood, but by that point, unless you’re already in an ER, it’s already too late.

The Book of Poisons writer’s reference I use suggests Petroleum Distillates for torturing characters, since it results in permanent scarring. It’s not an introductory text, but it does have a fairly comprehensive glossary.


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