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Two questions, actually. 1) Am I allowed to submit my own writing for critique, and 2) do you have any tips for one-sided fights (i.e., one character submits but the other does not stop fighting)?

On the first question: we can’t actually stop you, so it’s not a question of being allowed, but we also won’t respond. First, because we’ve just got a little too much on our plates to start editing people’s work gratis, and second because we’re actually pretty brutal perfectionists when it comes to editing.

Writing comes down to an element of self confidence. If you don’t have it, your work will suffer. Not even “suffer,” without a degree of self confidence, you can’t write. You can try, but you’ll end up staring at a blinking cursor for hours, it’s like writer’s block but much more insidious and frustrating.

We usually have a pretty solid grasp of each other’s state of mind, when it comes to editing. However, interacting with someone else on the internet, without being able to gauge what they can actually take, and without knowing how much their work actually means to them? It’s really easy to do more harm than good. The alternative would be to lie to you, and that doesn’t do anyone any good.

So, again, you can send it, but we’ll just ignore it, sorry.

On the second question, it’s just an issue of damage. We’ve talked about what someone can do to another person on a number of occasions, and that’s all that will happen if one person submits or tries to. That said, someone who tries to surrender and keeps getting attacked is likely to start fighting back, if they’re still capable. So, if someone isn’t doing enough damage to incapacitate, cripple or outright kill them, the situation isn’t going to last.