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The Protectors Of Iceland: My Fantasy Paintings Inspired By Icelandic Myths And Music 

I did these paintings for the album “Með Vættum” by the Icelandic metal band Skálmöld. The inspiration comes partly from Heimskringla, an Icelandic
Saga, but also from the amazing lyrics written by Ásgeir Jón Ásgeirsson.

album tells the story of an unknown heroine who grows up with the wights
(mythical creatures), protecting the land from harm.

Art by Ásgeir Jón Ásgeirsson (FB || website || artstation)


Meet twelve women who have transformed the phrase “you play like a girl” into a huge compliment! Among them are Mo’ne Davis, a 13-year-old baseball pitcher who made history when she threw a complete-game shut out that led her team to the Little League World Series; Erin Dimeglio, the first varsity high school football quarterback in the state of Florida; and Billie Jean King, who won 39 Grand Slam titles in tennis.

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