This is related to the headbutt question. You said to aim down and hit below the forehead, like at the nose. I’m sorry if I’m getting too nit-picky, but would that imply that the headbutt is only an effective move for a taller person attacking a shorter or equal height person? Would a shorter person have to do something differently to hit them or just avoid headbutts in general?

It’s actually harder for someone who’s taller than their attacker, because they need to move their head further, and connect lower. It’s very easy if you’re roughly the same height. If you’re six inches shorter, it’s very easy to connect with their nose, because you’re already on level to connect, you just need to snap your head forward. If you’re more than a foot shorter than your attacker, it can be a little tricky, but even if all you can do is drive your forehead into their teeth, it’ll be far more unpleasant for them, than you.


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