When you are running away from someone / something, and you finally feel safe and the adrenaline starts to leave you, would it be realistic to pass out? From all the panic and other emotions you kept repressed so you could escape?

No. Flushing adrenaline can make you shaky, but it won’t cause you to simply keel over without warning unless there’s something seriously, medically, wrong.

Also, adrenaline doesn’t suppress panic. Keeping a clear goal in mind, and working towards that can, but adrenaline does nothing for panic. Also, panic can’t make you pass out. Except in rare cases where it could cause a heart attack, stroke, or similar “f— this I’m out” for the victim’s body.

Now, adrenaline can reduce or delay your pain response. That is to say, you can be seriously injured and not know it because of the adrenaline rush. Which could result in someone passing out after the adrenaline rush. But, that would be because they are bleeding to death, and not because they panicked or because the adrenaline did it to them.


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