A Quick Reference for How to Choose Your Weapon

you mentioned it in another post, so: do you perhaps know where your “how to pick a weapon for a character” post(s) is? i’ve used a bunch of keywords and searches and cant find it. thank you for your time!


It took a minute, and there are a couple associated posts.

Your Character’s Weapon is also a Character is probably the post you were looking for.

There’s also How Do You Choose A Martial Art, which isn’t about weapons but does go into more detail on the process of selecting a combat style for your characters, and by extension, the advice here will apply to your characters’ weapon choices.

There have been some more recent articles, like Weapon of Choice, but that’s a lot more focused.

If you have a more focused type of weapon in mind, (or set of weapons), then you may simply want to ask about those directly.


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