Awesome blog! I have a couple of questions considering a fantasy story I’m writing. a) What is the best weapon, when fighting a humanoid opponent that is much bigger than you (about three meters tall)? b) When fighting with a bow, what is the best place to aim for if you want the hit to be non-lethal?

Three meters isn’t a large enough size difference to really invalidate full sized weapons, like swords, axes, or polearms, though it will alter the tempo of a fight. As it gets larger, you’ll lose options though, by four or five meters, you’ll probably be restricted to polearms.

What’s the most non-lethal bow shot? One that doesn’t connect with your target. Arrow hits to the limbs can easily sever arteries, shots to the torso can rupture internal organs. Both of those are quick ways to bleed to death. If you could actually hit the hand or foot, that’s safe-ish. But, that kind of accuracy takes a kind of mastery that just doesn’t happen on the battlefield. Maybe if your character is a six-hundred year old elf/immortal/vampire/whatever, who’s been training for multiple human lifetimes… but not for a human character. In a non-combat situation, archers do exist who can make shots like that, even today. But, a bow is an incredibly lethal weapon, and as with guns, “shoot to wound” just isn’t a real thing.