Wow, okay, so this made me actually angry, and I have to say something about it. Between her comments about Twilight Sparkle becoming a “boring princess” (and thus completely missing the entire point of what being a princess means in the MLP:FiM universe) and now this video, I have to say that the amount of respect for Anita that I’ve lost is significant. She may want to look up the “Straw Feminist” trope again, because I’m really thinking that it’s starting to apply to her, by a long shot.

Let’s break this down, shall we? (Adding a cut due to length.)

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I think this is a good critique of some of my problems with Anita Sarkeesian. Also, because she’s basically saying that me with my three black belts and host of male mentors can’t be feminist (by making my own choices and succeeding in my own struggles) because I “have adopted male traits and male roles that will only serve to support the patriarchy instead of undermining it because violence is a guy thing”. Violence and the tendency towards it is a human trait. By breaking people down into gender stereotypes we box them intefined roles and ultmately limit the presentation of characters.
We do this even with good intentions. Women aren’t better than men, we’re not worse either. We’re just human. A woman’s values and beliefs are shaped by the culture she lives in, just like a man. Whether she chooses to buck the trends and defined gender roles or not, what matters is that the author fleshes her (and the male characters) out into a real person, with feelings and a journey that supports the themes of the story.
My two cents anyway. The article is long, but it’s good.

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