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We’re not Dead, Just Busy

I apologize for the lack of recent updates. Michi is still very busy with her current work schedule. Due to the pandemic, her department is critically understaffed, so that’s chewing up a lot of her time.

My situation is a little different. Michi and I have talked about converting some of the old posts into e-books. Right now, on my other monitor I’ve got a 390 page monstrosity that covers our posts from 2013, and I’ve been editing it to get it ready for publication. I don’t have an exact time frame yet, but I’ll keep you guys up to date.

The current state is, I’ve got clean text from (nearly) every post in 2013 (this works out to ~250 different articles and answers), and I’m currently going through annotating the posts fixing spelling errors.

That page count will come down because some of the remaining posts aren’t particularly suitable, and there are a few posts that probably couldn’t be republished for copyright reasons.

Still on our to do list, we need to rework the Patreon reward tiers. It’s no secret that, outside of Discord, we’ve been had issues getting those filled on a regular basis.

Like I said, I’ll keep you guys up to date as this moves forward. We’re not neglecting you, we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. We have been extraordinarily busy and stressed lately.

There is more to talk about, but I need to get back to working on the book.


This blog is supported through Patreon. As I said, there’s going to be some significant changes coming to our Patreon in the near future. Some of that will be informed by feedback we get. Now, more than ever, this helps keep us online. If you’re already a Patron, you have our deepest thanks.

The Discord Server is Live

We’ve set up the Patreon discord integration. If you’re a patron, you should have access to it now. You have to go to Patreon and link your accounts. The procedure can be found here.

At the moment, the server is pretty bare bones. We’ll be fleshing it out over the next couple weeks, based on feedback for what people are looking for. So, don’t think the current channel list is final. If you want a dedicated channel for something, let us know.

This also means we’re going to be reworking the Patreon reward tiers so they’re actually being fulfilled. Looking back, there’s a lot of stuff that is simultaneously both tier based and goal based, meaning many of them never actually happened.

We’re working on this, so it’s not final, but it is up and running.


This blog is supported through Patreon. If you want to join us on the Discord server, please do, every contribution helps keep us online, and and producing content. If you’re a Patron, we look forward to seeing you join us.

Q&A: Editing Services

Are you open to evaluating written fight scenes? I have a working draft of what I want to do, but I don’t know how it reads… totally fine if not! I’m just curious is all.

In general, no. A lot of this is, simply, a time consideration. If we’re going to write an extended response to something, it’s probably going to be published, leading to two problems:

First, you probably don’t want your earlier drafts out there on the internet. Generally speaking, if you send us an ask, it may be published in its entirety.

Second, Tumblr’s ask system has a character limit. We’ve run up against this recently, with that ask where the second half never came through. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re sending a question, but if you’re trying to send a lot of text, it can get awkward, and chew up a lot of space in our inbox.

So, there is a solution, one of our Patreon tiers includes writing a fight scene to order. In practice, this has usually ended up being one on one sessions for people who’ve asked, rather than exactly what it looks like.

Now, this highlights a problem: The Patreon tiers were written up with a kind of open ended question where we weren’t quite sure what we were doing with that platform, and there’s still a bit of ambiguity on that front. We’re going to be reworking the pledge tiers in the coming days, with an eye towards getting people on a Discord server we’ve been using, and making sure you’re getting a return on your donations, if you’re wanting more. With that in mind, we’d be willing to revisit this idea in the future as a tier reward. But, for now, that’s not really an option.


With all of that said, attaching the usual Patreon tag feels a bit odd, but you guys really do help keep us going, so the thanks really is heartfelt. You guys are amazing, and thank you.

Technical Difficulties

Hope this doesn’t come off as nagging, but do either of you have any plans to stream eso again?

It’s not nagging. Michi’s schedule has changed, so, it’s now much harder for her to stream. We were testing that before the overnight went into effect. This is also, a large part of the reason why our articles have been spotty over the last couple months. She’s working nights now, which plays havoc on schedule.

In my case the problem is more technical, I was having some pretty nasty issues trying to stream at all with my rig.

So, the short answer is, “yes, but it’s going to be a minute.” Realistically, not before October.

If you want ESO content from me right now, I’ve been cohosting a podcast with Kyle Dempster called The Tenets.


Tag Clouds and A New Plan

Like a lot of blogs on Tumblr we used Post-Theory for our tag cloud. At the time, it was a pretty nice option, and allowed you to embed a tag cloud onto your blog.

Post-Theory relied on an external server. So, while they had a .tumblr blog, the actual heavy lifting was being done off site on their server.

Unfortunately, back in late June, Post-Theory’s external server went down, and started returning a 503 error. A 503 can indicate that the server is simply down for maintenance, or that it’s been temporarily knocked offline due to extreme load. The issue may be as simple as their server exceeded its bandwidth.

Regardless, their tag cloud is down, and has been for over two months. At the time, I said I’d give them a week to sort it out, and then start looking for alternate solutions. That took a little longer than I intended.

There are a couple other setups that allowed you to host a tag cloud locally, but unfortunately, all of those either ran up against inherent limitations in the Tumblr API (which I’m still not sure how Post-Theory got around), or simply didn’t work.

Eventually, the solution I managed to come to was to backport everything over to a wordpress blog, and use their tools to generate a tag cloud.

This is why last night’s posts had that, “originally posted,” stinger. It actually links back to a unique .com address with a functional (if somewhat limited tag cloud), and not the tumblr blog.

We also have an automated system set up so that when a post goes live on, it also posts to (It was also automatically posting older posts that I was editing on the site.)

So, what does this mean? We’re still going to be operating on Tumblr. That’s not changing. I’m also going to be going through old posts and cleaning up the tags we used, so that the tag cloud is more useful than it has been. This is something I’ve had on my to-do list for a long time, but the tumblr interface makes messing with old posts, even to clean up their tags, a very daunting task.

Any answers or articles we post will still go up on Tumblr. Though, the reblogs will probably stay there.

Worst case, the site is paid for through the spring of 2019, so even if we’re killed by the beer truck, that resource will still be there.

Right now, there’s a little over 1,700 posts I need to pick through, clean up, and tweak the tags around. There’s also roughly 2,600 tags, of those only about 300 are actually used. So, that list is going to be trimmed down a bit as well.

Our goal is to have a coherent, useful, resource available to people when we’re done.


More than usual, we’re in a situation where we really do depend on Patreon to keep afloat. If you like what you’re seeing here, and are able to, please consider becoming a patron. If you are already one, sincerely, thank you.

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to In the coming months, we’re going to start converting over our old articles from Tumblr to a more convenient and accessible format.

We’ve also set up forums which will allow our followers to get critique on their writing. Something we weren’t set up to handle on Tumblr.

We’ll be working on expanding this moving forward. If you’d like to see something specific here, please drop a comment below.


So, I’ve been getting sick for the past couple of days and since I can barely keep myself up right and out of bed, don’t expect to see anything from me for a little while. (At least today and probably tomorrow while I try to shake out this fever/cold thing.) Anyway, I hope everyone’s writing is going well. I’ve got a couple of articles I’m finishing up, so I’ll post those soon.