Do you give advice for just writing about martial arts and fighting or do you give advice about martial arts as well as writing?

We do both. Most of the questions regarding actual martial arts go to Michi, since she’s the third degree Black Belt with a Bachelors in English lit. I’m just an Eagle Scout with a long history of unpleasant experiences and a Bachelors in Political Science.

So that lends us to the kinds of answers we field. I take a lot of the world building, medical, and legal, questions, Michi tends to field more of general the questions about writing and martial arts. With historical questions, it’s a toss up, which of us will take it.

All of that said; the one thing we really can’t do is teach martial arts remotely. Anyone who claims they can is lying. You need an instructor who is physically there, correcting your errors as you go. Without that, the mistakes you make will become ingrained. These can easily lead to situations where you’ll actually hurt yourself, or, if you try to use them in a real fight, get you killed.

Michi’s offered advice in the past on what to look for in a school, and what some of the warning signs for a bad one are.


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