Hey! Do you know how long it would take a character to recover (if he recovered at all) from getting a nail hammered into his palm? He’s driven to a hospital roughly 20 minutes after the fact and this is set in 2014.

Assuming we’re not talking about something like a railroad spike, they might just let him off with some bandages and a tetanus shot.

Speaking from my experience of having a nail run halfway through my foot, it’s probably not going to be a life threatening experience. Unpleasant? Yes, but not really that dangerous.

You’re probably looking at a week or two for it to heal, assuming they didn’t actually damage anything important. If the nail managed to damage a nerve, that’s gone; they may end up with a permanent numb spot on one of their fingers, and possibly some stiffness. If the nail breaks a bone, then you’re looking at the usual recover times for that, along with their hand in a cast. (6 to 8 weeks for an adult.)

Otherwise, a nail through the hand is going to be unpleasant, but it won’t be life threatening, and it won’t be crippling unless it was part of a larger torture regimen.