Hey Guys!

Sorry we haven’t been putting much up lately, it’s been a very stressful time. We just got the news that Starke’s father is planning to sell the house that we currently live in and that we will soon have nowhere to go. Putting together our writing advice for How to Fight Write is a passion project that we would love to keep up but it’s been difficult between the bills and the overwhelming levels of stress. (Literally puked my guts up in the toilet five minutes ago.) We’ll probably be putting together a Patreon and GoFundMe campaign in the next few weeks or so, depending on how all this shakes out.

In the mean time, our website does have a PayPal donation tab and any extra money that any of you lovely people could kick our way would be a godsend. Times are tough for us all, I know that better than anyone. Still, keeping us fed with a roof over our heads and access to a more stable living condition will go a long way toward getting content to come back at regular intervals.

Anything you can do, we appreciate it.