Hey! I need a character to break a guy’s neck with her bare hands, but I’m well aware that the ease with which this is often done in movies is not realistic. That’s fine – I’m going for a pretty brutal kill anyway – and my character is physically powerful, vicious, and more than willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I had intended to have her pin the guy face-down with all her weight and wrench his head back from there – would that realistically do it? Any advice is welcome. :)

It would probably be easier to simply stomp on the victim at the base of the skull without even bending over. Breaking the neck with your hands is, almost always, a non-start. It might be possible to achieve the same result with a well placed hand strike, but that wouldn’t be nearly as brutal.

The other, arguably, more horrific option would be to run a screwdriver, icepick, or other similar tool through the base of the skull into the brainstem once they’re in that position. It’s not exactly the same as breaking their neck, but it’s certainly a brutal way to go.

In general, I’d recommend you check out our The Only Unfair Fight tag for more relevant ideas and concepts.


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