Hi! I am writing a character who is new too special operations group of witches responisble aprehending magic & monsters. For plot reasons they engage in a firefight vs humans. How do i write the thoughts of a character reluctant to shoot but has to

By writing a character who is reluctant to shoot, but needs to.

There are many potential contexts where you may be required to do something you don’t want to.

A character who signed up to kill monsters may not like being forced to open fire on civilians who are attacking them, but they may not have a choice. For some it is enough that they’re in danger, or that their friends and colleagues are under threat.

This gets especially muddy if the normal humans are being manipulated via magic, or some monstrous compulsion. These are the same people your character signed on to protect, and in order to save others, they’ll need to kill these victims.

How your character deals with this is a major element of what defines them as a character. If they’re well disciplined, it probably won’t happen in the moment, but in the days and weeks after the incident, they’re going to need to find a way to come to terms with what they’ve done. That could be simply rationalizing it as a “them or me,” or “for the greater good,” or it could be a real sign that this line of work just isn’t for them, no matter how badly they wanted it to be.


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