Hi, I just wanted to suggest youtuber Lindybeige as a resource for some authors. He’s really insightful about historical battles, weapons, sieges, etc. I like to reference his videos when I work on my historical stories.

Lindybeige is a good resource. We linked his discussion on Scythes as weapons in a different scythes post. I probably should have linked him again, but we’ve discussed this quite a bit. I’m starting to lose track of what I have and haven’t said on the subject. I also like both Skallagrim and Matt Easton, both often have discussions and rants of weapons or battles seen in movies and television. Skallagrim particularly has quite a few where he talks about how many fantasy weapons would or wouldn’t be able to function in real world battles.

All three are very informative. It often gets even more informative when they disagree and start doing response videos at each other.