Hi new followers, there are suddenly a lot more of you than there was a few hours ago. I wave. (Also, I may have fallen out of my seat.)

It’s probably important to inform you that for a tumblr blog, we don’t post that much, we try to do one a day but we’re in the middle of unpacking our house so it could take a little while to get back to our normal schedule. We pretty much create all our own content, so that’s why we’re slow. We reblog relevant information here and there when we find it or it rolls across our dash.

Starke is the weapons guy, I’m the martial arts gal. Together we can probably answer most of your questions or provide you with good starting tools to help widen your research into this subject. Fighting can be hard, especially if you’ve got no experience on the subject. Beyond just the fighting, we’re also put together information to help build better characters by providing traits, quirks, better understanding of training, and trying to de-mystify the fighting arts.

We hope you enjoy your stay. And I know, the blog needs a revamp and we need a sidebar, preferably one that helps you guys find the most useful topics. We’ll get on that…as soon as we figure out HTML. v.v