How long does it normally take you to answer questions?

It varies. We get a lot of questions. So we filter through those. Actually writing an answer usually runs about 30 minutes to an hour. Research can chew up a couple hours, depending on the subject. Similar questions will sometimes get grouped, and one of them will receive an answer. (Which has lead to situations in the past where I’d accidentally written up an answer in Word for a different question and then posted it.) Unfortunately that means questions get lost in the pile. Additionally, questions that require extensive discussion between us tend to go into the queue when they’re done.

Once the question is finished, it either goes up immediately, or into the queue. If it’s in the queue, it goes live at 7:30pm Pacific the next available day.

Generally speaking, questions that require research tend to go into the queue, quick answers get pushed live immediately. Though, obviously it doesn’t always work exactly like that.


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