How many questions do you get asked per day? I imagine it’s a lot but I was just curious as to the average number?

At the time I’m writing this, we have 2599 messages in our inbox.
Those aren’t all questions, and some of them are duplicates, but that
should give you a general idea. We usually get three to five questions
on days when we post, and a question or two each day we don’t.

We don’t usually delete them, so some of the earliest questions probably date back to 2013, before I was posting here, and it was exclusively Michi’s blog.

Also, worth noting that some of those questions are tangential at best. We got a question asking what we thought of Shadow Warrior 2, for instance. (I haven’t played it. Nor the 2013 reboot, for that matter.)

Generally speaking, answering a question takes between thirty minutes for a short answer, an hour or two for ones that require research (the more research necessary, the longer it takes, and usually four to five hours for the full article length responses. With those, even if if we know the answers off hand, we’ll usually double check and verify our memory through research.

In the past, we’ve kept a buffer of content, but with the move, and associated stress, we’ve burned through that, so I’m typing this a couple minutes before the Monday posts start going live. We’re working on getting back up to speed, but the move was unexpectedly grueling, and we’re only now climbing out from under the enormous piles of boxes in our new apartment.

In retrospect, it probably looked far more disturbing than we intended. I mouthed off hard at a death threat and then we flat out disappeared for three weeks. Oops, mea culpa.


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