How much damage would you get if you got hit in the knee with an arrow?

Not nearly as much as the daedric battleaxe from the player who finally snapped after hearing that bark one too many times.


But, yeah, barring reconstructive surgery, that would be a permanent injury that would, at least, limit the mobility of the character, if not outright preventing them from ever walking again.

I’ve seen the suggestion that this was supposed to be Nord slang for getting married, though I haven’t seen any support for this in game, and I’ve never heard of it as actual slang anywhere. Another strike against this is that the guards in game who say this, don’t appear to be married to anyone.

Also, we are talking about a setting where restoration magic can restore someone from virtually dead to completely unharmed in seconds. And any player with a basic heal spell can get shot in the head repeatedly until their magicka runs out, so… *shrugs*

Let’s just file this one along with all the other tired video game memes, and move on with our day.

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