How would my girl character be able to defeat my male character in hand to hand combat? Clearly, it won’t be easy to do so through physical means, but are they any clever moves or tricks she could pull to win?

With respect, you’re approaching this the wrong way. Unless your intent is to take your character out at the kneecaps.

She doesn’t need clever moves or tricks to win. If she actually knows how to fight, she can win.

There is no real strength gap between the sexes. There’s a social expectation. There’s culturally acceptable activities. But, there isn’t a real strength difference. This is one of those societal illusions that doesn’t relate to reality. You don’t need to write your female characters as superheroes or trick fighters to come out on top against normal male opponents. They just need to know how to fight.

It actually devalues your character to say they need special means to win in a fight. You’re saying, “I need to make my character special so they can compete.” You don’t. You will make stronger, better, more compelling characters, when you avoid cheating them past adversity.

What you need to change isn’t in your story, it’s your perspective, as a human being looking at the world.

(Also, you might want to read Women are not Weaker than Men.)