I could have sworn I’ve seen you talk about it before but how accurate are the Bourne movies?

I know we’ve talked about them in passing, but I don’t remember going into any real detail. So, with that said, I haven’t watched Bourne Legacy. I’ll chalk this one into the pile of just not keeping up with films or TV for the last few years.

The books are surprisingly a decent primer for basic tradecraft. The films, not so much.

With the films, the use of technology isn’t actually too unrealistic for what can be done with off the shelf hardware. Though, the first season of Burn Notice is actually a better primer on that subject.

The hand to hand style you see from Damon (and the other Treadstone operatives) is a mix of Filipino Kali and Jeet Kune Do. I’m not particularly familiar with either style. What I do know about Kali is that it is designed to deal with armed opponents, offering the martial artist time to either go for their own weapon, or finishing their opponent as quickly as possible.

This actually gets a lot of the hand-to-hand sequences in the trilogy into trouble, as you’ll see fights were every third or fourth strike would kill or cripple a real human being.

If you want to see someone talk about the philosophy of Kali, you can check over here. Again, I don’t know the form, but Guro Mike Pana’s explanation meshes with what I’m seeing. If you want some demonstrations of the technique outside of a film environment, there’s this video.

Jeet Kune Do is the style developed by Bruce Lee, there’s a wealth of information on the subject; I’d start with the wiki article, since it looks like a good primer. (Again, neither of us are actually versed in it, but it meshes with what I’ve seen.)