i literally love your blog and your posts because they’re so detailed~! and esp the ones regarding female fighters. coming from a bit of martial arts background myself, and being a girl, i fully appreciate everything you’re saying because i’ve felt/encountered a lot of it, i and hope more people pay attention to those points you’ve made! so, yeah, all in all, this is fabulous, and i’m definitely going to reblog a lot.

Thank you so much!

I spend a lot of time having to work back from what was normal for me growing up and what isn’t common knowledge for most people. Then, it has to get translated into an explanation that’s easy for someone without the background to understand. I’ll be honest, until we did the street fighting post, I had no idea what an untrained fighter looked like. For my entire MA experience, I’ve always been surrounded by people who knew what they’re doing. Starke’s helpful for that though, he’s spent a lot of time around people who don’t. We had several long conversations that involved me going “people really do that? Why? …wow…that’s embarrassing…”. And then I had to go to YouTube to look at the homemade street fighting videos and I was all…WTF is that?

So, I’m glad the stuff we’re putting up is helping. Us female martial artists have to stick together!