If a character has their earlobes pierced, could you rib the earrings out of the ears? And how much force do you think you would have to apply?

This certainly can happen with most piercings. Almost, without exception, meat is going to be softer than metal, and if a combatant can get their hands on an opponent’s piercing, they should be able to tear it out.

How easy it is, will depend the attacker getting a solid grip. Rings large enough to slip a finger through are a massive risk, and very easy to pull out, small studs, with no easy way to grip are less so.

One fantasy outlier would be things like 40k’s service studs. These are piercings that attach directly to the bone, and pulling them out (particularly if they don’t have any easy to grab features) would be incredibly difficult in a fight. Of course, pulling them out would also be significantly more catastrophic. And, since we’re talking about Space Marines, there’s a possibility that the studs are actually softer than their bones, which isn’t usually a consideration.


shortlimbs said: Just wanted to add—as a former baby sitter, I know that if an earring is dangly or a hoop, it takes approximately the strength of a toddler to rip it through the lobe.


Yeah, an adult combatant can rip a piercing out with a thumb and forefinger, easily, if they can actually get a solid hold on it.

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