I’m writing for a character in a medieval fantasy setting, with full plate armor and knights, but guns aren’t really a huge thing yet. However, he’s lost his left hand just above the wrist (thankfully, he’s right-handed). If he was able to get his hand(s?) on a metal prosthetic like the one used by Gotz von Berlichingen, what sorts of options would he have if he wanted to keep fighting? Could he strap a shield to the prosthetic and fight effectively?

Well, looking at Götz von Berlichingen would suggest, “yes.“
Götz lost his right hand in combat, and continued fighting in various campaigns for nearly 40 years via the use of a prosthetic.

So, I’m inclined to say, yes.

It’s worth pointing out, both of his prosthetic hands, were custom designed pieces.

If you’re wanting to work with a character like this, reading up on

probably isn’t a bad starting point.


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