In most states, when someone gets shot by their dog it’s standard to only mention they’ve been shot. Florida is the only state where they mention all the embarrassing details, so that’s why they sound like they have the craziest stuff happening.

Actually, “person shot by animal” is usually unusual enough that it makes the local news, regardless of where you are. In fact the only fatality I’m aware of from one of these cases was in Texas, so Florida’s off the hook this round.

That said, Florida is more free with their incident reports, but, I suspect the real issue is that Florida has more local news outlets that drag up the, “you won’t believe this shit” stories to kill time, in contrast to other places, like NYC, that have just as many deranged entries on the Police Blotters, but it gets filtered out by the media, in favor of “serious news.” To be fair, I am speculating a bit, here.

If you’re writing police characters, then Florida is very useful for getting an idea of all the loopy stuff they have to deal with everwhere.


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