Is there a book that you will recommend to read if I wanted to improve my combat writing?

Ironically, the first two things that come to mind are On Writing, by Stephen King, and Elements of Style by Strunk and White both come to mind. Technically, they’re not focused on fight scenes, but the general advice is just as applicable, and it can help you.

It’s easy to think of fight scenes as some isolated form of writing, but the same fundamentals of good writing apply. The only real differences are context and mindset.

Beyond that, Robert E. Howard’s fight scenes were fantastic, and his use of language was very efficient, so that’s probably something you should look at. There’s a rather nice three volume set. Though, Conan is public domain, so you can find most of Howard’s work via project Gutenberg as well.

I realize this probably isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but I do hope it helps.


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