I’ve often heard that when fighting, you should use your opponents strength against them ( exploit their size, high speed, power…) Is there a way to use someone’s weapon against them?

Yes. When you’re fighting in hand to hand, you actually want to exploit their inertia, momentum, and body physiology not their size, speed, or power. This is how the playing field gets even.

There are weapon disarms, but all weapon disarms by an unarmed fighter versus an armed opponent are really risky. Weapons are designed around the idea of giving someone an advantage in combat, with a gun or even a knife, the slightest error on the part of the unarmed fighter will end their life. All it takes is a slight misjudgement or their opponent being slightly faster and it’s their brains or guts slipping out on the sidewalk.

When I was learning gun disarms, we were cautioned multiple times by our instructors not to use them in a real situation. I heard of someone in our Association later who did get shot and died from his wounds when he tried to use them out in the real world. I learned the techniques as part of my training for my third degree black belt test and the people who were telling me not to use these were fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh degree black belts.

It’s nice to imagine that there are some super secret martial arts techniques that make it easy to fight against someone with a significant advantage. There aren’t. A black belt can die from a gunshot and a black belt can die from being stabbed by an untrained mugger wielding a knife.

It’s best not to try to take someone’s weapon from them. It’s easier to hit them across the back of the head when they’re not looking.


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