medicsassistant said: // uhhh how do guys know this anon didn’t mean not to actually learn this for themselves but to know the information needed to /write/ this for their character? because that’s what it sounded more like, to me.

Honestly, we get both fictional and irl requests on this blog and that one was vague enough that it could be either. It was also missing a personal pronoun, so there was no telling what they were asking for.

But most often training requests we receive are often for the individual and not for a character. If it is for a character, they tend to specify the surrounding character background and the circumstances. Training exercises change based on who is training a character and what they are training them for. Training exercises change based on what the martial art is at all and where the characters are and what options they have available to them.

We will do an article on training with some basic exercises, but it’s going to be limited to both Starke’s and my personal experiences.

But here’s a particularly vicious conditioning exercise: when I was in early training for my second degree black belt, our instructor had us do an exercise at one of the local schools for our Saturday Morning workouts. The exercise: hang for thirty seconds from one of the pullup bars, fall early and you had to sprint a lap around the track. I fell so many times that day that by the time I was done I’d essentially sprinted a full mile. (And training wasn’t even over yet!)