Out of curiosity, do you have a tag for disarming (blades, guns, anything)? I didn’t see one in the list, but I swear I’ve seen it discussed here before. In any case, thank you for your time! Y’all do some great work here.

The cloud won’t include a tag if we’ve used it in less than 5 entries. In theory, that keeps things like specific user names from showing up on the list, as well as the joke one-off tags like #Starke is still not a doctor. (Though, that one has actually climbed onto the list because it’s turned into a frequent disclaimer when people are asking about injuries.) It also keeps some of the random typos in the tags from showing up and getting fixed.

The downside is, it means some of the stuff we don’t talk about often doesn’t show up. The list gets ludicrously long when you lower the threshold below 5, so, it’s sort of a necessary evil.

We have two separate disarm tags. Gun Disarms and Weapon Disarms. There’s a little overlap, but it looks like about 4 posts between them. Gun disarms also seems to have a complete overlap with Gun Disarms Get You Shot, which is because, well, they will.

Hope that helps.