Pirate anon for one last clarification! And I much appreciate all your time and effort into me! The blades are parallel to each other on the -same side- of the hilt. So it is used like a normal cutlass but with two blades separated by an inch or two. Really, thank you. In case you were wondering why it seems I’ve done zero research on this, my pirate exists in a steampunk universe! Really, thank you so much for this blog and your time.

You’re basically talking a bifurcated blade and those get broken because they’re not structurally sound. If they are going to work, they’ll have to be made out of a “special” metal like adamantium or orichalum or something. While it may sound like a good idea, the character would have a great deal of difficulty going on the defensive with the weapon. Another character could probably break the blades fairly easily. The sword would also be much heavier and imbalanced, making it slower against other enemies using lighter, quicker blades. The fencing blades are devastatingly effective, so that brings us back to the question of why he’s using the blade at all if it’s not going to give him an advantage and more likely to get him killed

Even if you’re doing a fantasy or steampunk setting, research is important. To understand how to build your own separate world, it helps to look at the real one. Depending on how close your setting is to the time frame you’re pulling from, then the more accurate you’ll be expected to be. It’s also worth remembering that history is full of crazy stuff that people did or invented (like the gunblade) to try to give themselves an advantage. Much of Steampunk is drawn from the Victorian Period, so your readership will expect you to know about and be accurate to the Victorian Period. If you don’t have a grasp of the technology and politics at play in the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian Era, then Steampunk could be a problem for you.

It’s the little details like underwear that will really get you.


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