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Are you open to evaluating written fight scenes? I have a working draft of what I want to do, but I don’t know how it reads… totally fine if not! I’m just curious is all.

In general, no. A lot of this is, simply, a time consideration. If we’re going to write an extended response to something, it’s probably going to be published, leading to two problems:

First, you probably don’t want your earlier drafts out there on the internet. Generally speaking, if you send us an ask, it may be published in its entirety.

Second, Tumblr’s ask system has a character limit. We’ve run up against this recently, with that ask where the second half never came through. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re sending a question, but if you’re trying to send a lot of text, it can get awkward, and chew up a lot of space in our inbox.

So, there is a solution, one of our Patreon tiers includes writing a fight scene to order. In practice, this has usually ended up being one on one sessions for people who’ve asked, rather than exactly what it looks like.

Now, this highlights a problem: The Patreon tiers were written up with a kind of open ended question where we weren’t quite sure what we were doing with that platform, and there’s still a bit of ambiguity on that front. We’re going to be reworking the pledge tiers in the coming days, with an eye towards getting people on a Discord server we’ve been using, and making sure you’re getting a return on your donations, if you’re wanting more. With that in mind, we’d be willing to revisit this idea in the future as a tier reward. But, for now, that’s not really an option.


With all of that said, attaching the usual Patreon tag feels a bit odd, but you guys really do help keep us going, so the thanks really is heartfelt. You guys are amazing, and thank you.

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