so… how would you/burn notice recommend interrogating someone, if not with violence? thanks so much!

This is going to be like any other, adversarial, dialog sequence. You have two characters talking to each other, and they both want different things, and they’re going to try to convince the other character to give them what they want.

Anything with good dialog, and people arguing or trying to manipulate one another can be fodder for this kind of scene.

I would avoid good cop/bad cop. Not because it’s unrealistic, or because it doesn’t work, but because it’s so damned cliche at this point. The fact is, in police interviews, they don’t even need to introduce a bad cop. (They also don’t call them “interrogations”; always “interviews.” It’s 1984 style newspeak, but it also avoids conjuring up the images of telephone books and rubber hoses.)

Making friends is one way for your interrogator to get what they want, tricking them is another. Mixing those you can have your interrogator trying to convince the other character that they’re really on their side, either by being sympathetic (what police will usually do), or by convincing them that they’re a covert member of their organization.

Just remember, it’s just your character trying to persuade someone else, that’s all.


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