So, in this hypothetical written situation, one character is run through from behind with a sword broad enough to cut his spine and major internal blood vessels, and he falls to the floor- would he have enough time to leave a short voicemail for the other main character before he bled to death? I know that films consistently portray being run through as some sort of insta-kill but I doubt the veracity of that entirely. (Bear in mind the one doing the stabbing is a very strong, nonhuman thing)

They might have time to, but with considerations like shock and pain, I’m not sure they’d actually be able to. Given how quickly fine motor control goes, he probably wouldn’t be able to dial a phone before the oncoming shock got too severe.

To say nothing of him keeping his mind clear enough to express, well, anything useful. Again, pain does an amazing job of completely messing with your ability to think straight.


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