Starke and I are officially starting up our Patreon for How to Fight Write.
Hopefully, it will be helpful in getting us enough money to move and allow us some financial stability so we can start putting out more content for the blog at a more regular pace. Our goal as always is to provide you with the best content as possible to help you with your writing, whether it be character development, technical questions, or your fight scenes and that won’t change.

The goal of our Patreon is to be able to create more content, both those of you who choose to become our patrons and those of you regularly following this blog. Some financial stability is a great way to make that happen, plus it incentivizes us to work. More than that, Starke’s father is still planning to sell the house we live in out from under us and we don’t have the money to move.

So, the best solution? Patreon.

More content for you. Financial stability for us.

Remember, even if you’re as strapped for cash as we are a single dollar can go a long way.

We enjoy what we do. We’d like to have the resources to do it full time.

So, follow this handy link here to go directly to the site.

Or read on.

Our Goals:

$200 – With this, we move back to a regular schedule and on our How to Fight Write Tumblr, you get a question answered three days a week (M,W,F). We start making a real dent in our backlog and you get rewarded. I’ll even start fumbling with my Twitter again. (Which should prove at the very least to be entertaining for somebody. It could be you.)

$500 – We upgrade to an answer every day of the week, with the weekends off. So, five days a week. (I promise, we’ll still be thinking about you on our days off!) Plus, podcasts with our good friend Beau where we discuss different topics in a more free flow environment.

$1000 – This is about the cost of a decent apartment in our area and would, essentially, cover our current living costs. At this tier, I return to doing full articles every week on top of answered questions every five days. 1,500 to 5,000 words in which I or Starke talk about different aspects of combat and writing. This is a continuing of archetype articles like “The Chessmaster“ and others which are slightly more involved.

$2000 – In addition to all of the above, help us hit tier and we’ll start doing reviews, either biweekly or once a month. Not just general reviews, but reviews of book, movies, and other media to assess their helpfulness toward your Fight Writing. We read it and watch it so you don’t have to.

$5000 – On top of everything else, we start doing fight scene media breakdown videos via Youtube. Once a month, I tell you how they work, how they function, what they’re doing, and how to apply the lessons taught in visual media to your writing.

If even just ¼ of you lovely people a single dollar a month, we’d have enough to start putting together all that and more.

As with every Patreon, there are different subscriber benefits based on the tier you at which you contribute. Those can be seen on our site.

Lastly, as a thank you to all the support you provide, we’ll double up on this month’s $3 Patron Benefit for everyone who contributes $1 dollar. $3 will receive two.

We hope you’ll consider becoming one of our Patrons.

-Michi and Starke

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