Starke is not a Real Doctor for Elves

Hi! I’m writing a short story in a fantasy universe where a character (an elf, hard to kill by human standards) is chained to a wall and then lifted up incredibly high by the unhumanly tall antagonist and let go. The back of his head hits the wall, he’s (possibly?) knocked out for an undescribed period of time. Would this cause brain damage? Specifically, damage to the cerebellum? If so, how would that affect the characters?

Yes, probably.

So, with humans, getting knocked out from blunt force is some degree of brain damage. In a best case scenario, there’s little (or no) detectible impairment, but we are talking about someone suffering a concussion serious enough to nearly kill them. Even in that best case scenario, getting back up afterwards would be extremely difficult and painful. In a less ideal scenario, there would also be some long term damage.

The problem is, your character isn’t human, and even when we’re talking about something like elves, there’s a very real potential for some seriously weird physiology going on there.

Setting that aside, for a human, you’re looking at all the normal symptoms of a concussion. Headaches, nausea, slurred speech, hypersensitivity to light and sound, cognitive impairment, and memory issues. I’m not 100% certain if that’s damage specifically to the cerebellum (though it’s certainly possible) or if those are just the greatest hits for bouncing your brain off bone.

Not everyone will experience all symptoms, not all symptoms will have equal intensity across all cases. Every concussion is a new and unique trauma.

You may notice I didn’t include loss of consciousness in the list above. It’s one of the more severe symptoms. Getting knocked out, especially for more than a few seconds, is a very serious medical situation. As in, “you could die, or be left a vegetable.”

Now, returning to what I mentioned earlier, it’s entirely possible that the elves in your setting are physiologically extremely different from humans, (at least neurologically, if not across the board.) It’s entirely possible they cannot suffer concussions at all, in which case the experience of having their head bounced off paving stones may be unpleasant but not particularly dangerous. This may even be likely if your elves are supposed to be that resilient, as the head and brain, are particularly vulnerable to injury.

As for getting knocked unconscious? With humans, that is brain damage, every time. And concussions are cumulative, meaning your average protagonist who gets clubbed over the head on a weekly basis would be dead in short order.


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