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Live Q&A Starting Now

You can join us here.

UPDATE: and it’s over.

Thank you to everyone who was there. If you want to watch it, an archive can be found here.

Some quick Show Notes:

Hi, How do I make fights and battle scenes really intense? I want to reader to feel the adrenaline and danger and be wrapped up in the moment, but I don’t know how to convey this in my writing. Any tips? -Anon from our Tumblr Inbox

Okay so you’ve talked a lot about spies and assassins on here, but I have to wonder, if these people are so dangerous, how do the people hiring them keep them in line? I guess this would mostly apply to spies, but if you could go over assassins too, that’d be good. How do the people hiring keep them in line and keep their agents from betraying them? What do they do when an assassin or a spy goes rogue and tries to go against them? How can they trust their own agents no to betray them? -AR

What are some ways my character could become trained in the skills needed to be an assassin, without using some sort of “assassin training school”, or the military? -Kristina Rader

Note: The article I was referencing can be found here. (unfortunately it seems to be behind a paywall now). My abstract of its content can be found here.

About the language+assassin thing: there’s also slang to consider, which changes with the times, as well as from place to place. -AR

How hard would it be for a character to go from being trained in a lethal martial art (like Systema) to trying to use a MA based on subduing opponents? -Anon from the inbox

Are there any fighting techniques that are easier to write than others? I’ve been finding plain boring fist fights throughout my work and I’d love some variation. -rachael palmer

What are some injuries you can get from training with someone? Does training with someone increase the risk of getting hurt? What are the most dangerous styles to train in that your more likely to get hurt in? -AR

Hi. I have a character who is a Naga and I was wondering how he would move. Also can I ask multiple questions? -Leah Lichtenstien

Google Hangouts Announcement

We’re going to schedule another public Google Hangouts for Saturday, February 6th, at 3pm. This should work out to be 11pm (GMT). For those who were not present during the last hangout, this will be streamed through the Google Hangouts system, and we’ll answer your questions live. After the event an archive will be available on Youtube.

If you’re one of our $5 (or higher) Patreon contributors, and are wondering about the private hangouts, please get in touch with us via the Patron contributors page, and we will work out a schedule that accommodates for you.

Also, apologies to our patrons, the accident threw a wrench into our schedule. So, we’re getting back on top of that now.


If you’re not currently a Patron, and would like to participate in that hangout, or would like to help keep this blog going, please consider becoming a Patron here.