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Hi, I have a character in a fantasy setting who mainly uses a bow for hunting animals and monsters, and also carries a sword in case of close combat. I’ve read over your post about the bow, but I still have a question. If she’s in close combat and using her sword, what does she do with her bow? Bows don’t really have sheathes. Is she just supposed to toss it on the ground and run the risk of someone stepping on it?

Bows were unstrung and wrapped when not in use. This isn’t completely true of modern bows, but was the case with most historical bows.

The wrapped bow could be carried over the shoulder or attached to a pack, but it’s still a fairly sensitive item. It would also need to be kept dry. This was primarily because the glues were water soluble.

Your character probably wouldn’t want to keep the wrapped bow near them in combat, and if they’re dumping their pack somewhere before a fight, then that’s where their bow would be.