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would someone die if stabbed in the throat with an arrow?

Yes, or at least probably. There’s a lot of stuff in your neck you just can’t do without, so injuries there are always a serious threat.

But, as we’ve mentioned before, actually stabbing with an arrow is a lot harder than it looks. The shaft is designed to be aerodynamic, not to give you a solid grip, normally this isn’t an issue, but when you’re trying to use it as an improvised melee weapon, it becomes relevant.

It’s not impossible, but unless it’s a last resort, I couldn’t recommend it.


hi, i just read your post on archery, and i was wondering if you had any advice for writing a scene where someone gets stabbed with an arrow?

Stabbing someone with an arrow is actually a lot harder than it sounds. Consider this: arrows are made to be aerodynamic, not to give you a good grip. So, for a character attempting to stab someone with an arrow, they’ll find that they’re hand is constantly slipping down the shaft. This makes penetration, even into the soft parts of the body, incredibly difficult. You need a good grip to get the stabbing part down, so they have to go hard, fast, and with absolutely zero hesitation on the part of the wielder. You need a lot of force to get an arrow to penetrate and it should go somewhere soft and unprotected like the eye or into the throat.

That said, it isn’t impossible. What is impossible is actually firing the arrow afterwards, because your character is going to damage it no matter what they try.

I hope that helps!

-Starke and Michi