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//Awesome Tumblr here, I look forward to mining this for data. || I’m not through the archive completely, but most of what I have seen seems to focus on the level of the fight. Which of course makes sense. However, having written in a group setting for quite a while, I’ve found that realistic fight scenes also consider the reaction of bystanders and the effects of the fight on the surrounding environment. || Obvious, but easy to forget about when caught up in writing the fighting! Discuss? —T.

Well, there’s a lot to cover. We only started this Tumblr about a month ago, so obviously we haven’t gotten around to talking about everything yet. We both figured it would be best to start at the level of the fight and work outwards, eventually talking about fighting in different settings and the different considerations that brings with it.

When talking about bystanders and including them it’s important to consider whether or not the bystanders are going to want to join in, which means the author has to know who they are, what they want, and if they have any relation at all to what’s going on (or just like fighting!). A lot of people will just mill around, some will call for the cops, and others will try to break it up.

Fighting with bystanders present also can say a lot about the protagonists, the antagonists, and their views on collateral damage. One character going after another with a street sweeper in a crowd is different from two people going at each other in a hand to hand fight.

It’s important to think about the particulars, the set up, the weapons, what’s available in the area, who is in the area, and whether or not your characters care about what’s about to happen and who it will effect. The decisions they make based around those things will be defining for who they are.

We’ll be discussing all this at length, but we are only two and there is a lot to cover on the subject.

I hope that answers your question!