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I’ve actually seen Surf Ninjas twice; seeing that post jogged my memory. It is delightfully bad.


It is a beautiful testament to the 90s and action movies directed at children aka good dumb fun. It also stars a mostly non-white cast with the exceptions being Rob Schneider and Leslie Nielson and the actor who plays the boys adopted father. It’s also one of those few cases where Asian-American actors/martial artists starred in a Hollywood martial arts film which is almost impossible to come by.



To be fair, Rob Schneider is a quarter Filipino. I know that doesn’t make him not-white, just putting that out there.

Good to know. Thanks!


think there’s a bit of a mistake here. It’s Leslie Nielsen who was a
white guy in Surf Ninjas, not Liam Neeson. Though as much as I love
Nielsen, I would pay so much money to see Neeson do that part.

was a slip of the brain, that’s what I get for answering at midnight
without food. I could have sworn I wrote Leslie Nielson and my fingers
typed Liam. It happens sometimes when two names sound too similar.

The original post has the corrections now. Thanks for catching my slip!

I think you got the loading sequence for flintlocks backwards. The bullet goes down the barrel after the powder, not powder after bullet. The wadding serves to keep the bullet tightly in the barrel, so it would not fall out. There is a good description of the loading sequence here: firearmshistory(.)blogspot(.)co(.)uk/2010/04/loading-mechanisms-muzzleloader(.)html

Yup. These are the joys of midnight editing. I was literally correcting the post when you sent this. Worst thing is, I’ve actually fired a blackpowder musket before. I know better. *Facepalm*