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Would a sword disguised as an umbrella be a useful/efficient weapon? If not, what would be the best way for a person to carry a sword in public (best disguised as what)?

I’m not convinced an umbrella would be a good place to hide a blade, given the mechanical complexities would mean there were so many more things that could go wrong. It’s one thing to have an umbrella, but what happens when the umbrella mechanisms start breaking?

That said, umbrella swords do actually exist, and you can buy cheap knockoffs for a couple hundred dollars, online. There’s also umbrellas with various sword hilts because… it’s the internet, so of course there are. Just like the sword canes that masquerade as revolvers, because when you’re trying to conceal a sword, your best choice is as a different weapon that people are more likely to be worried about. They’d never suspect you’d actually stab them with a gun, that’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I actually have a cheap sword cane around here somewhere. Now, even at their best, they wouldn’t be able to keep up against someone using a sword intended for heavy combat. But, if your character can carry a cane without coming under a lot of scrutiny, and isn’t trying to take it through a metal detector, it might just be their best option.

I’m also going to post this link. It’s to an ask we got a while ago about fighting with umbrellas.


My character is cornered and only has an umbrella to protect herself. How would she go about doing this and is it possible? What other last minute makeshift weapons are there? Such as a cane or a chair, etc.

You can indeed use an umbrella as a weapon for self-defense. They even sell metal ones for precisely that purpose.Real Self-Defense: Unbreakable Umbrella Under the video section on the website, you can find some instructional videos that may give you a few ideas. However, it’s important to remember that a normal umbrella will work differently from one that has been specifically designed around combat.

You can use it several different ways (that I am not an expert on) including using the end to poke someone and opening it in an attacker’s face. Most the techniques you can use with an umbrella are similar to the ones you can use with a walking stick, a short stick, or another long implement such as a tire iron or a poker found by a fireplace. The best thing to do, usually as an untrained fighter, is to reinforce yourself, hold it with two hands and stab at someone toward the midsection/chest area to knock them backwards.

Remember, the goal of a character who is protecting themselves isn’t to win the fight, it’s to do enough damage to the other person so that they can escape. This is something that’s commonly forgotten by writers because the sequence where a character stands up for themselves is usually tied to them coming into their own. It is very powerful, but is sometimes used so often (and in ways that make no sense) that it can get a little eye roll worthy. Again, self-defense isn’t about standing over the aggressor so that they know they’ve been defeated, it’s about escaping from a bad situation.

Almost any item can be used as a weapon, from a plate, to a coffee cup, to a can of beans, to a bottle of Jack Daniels (Punisher #Dirty Laundry WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE), and others. Here’s a video from Michael Janich where he goes over some techniques using Improvised Weapons.

Remember, though, a weapon is only useful to your character if she practices with it. As writers, we sometimes have the common failing of assuming that the weapon is the important thing. It’s not, the wielder and what the wielder knows is what’s important. A weapon is just a tool and even the most unlikely items can be great weapons in the hands of a character who knows how to improvise.

Also, the Amelia Peabody books by Elizabeth Peters showcase a character who uses an umbrella for self-defense. You should definitely check those out.