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Dealing with a minor crisis

We’ve been trying to get our updates in, unfortunately that would mean being able to sit in front of our computers for more than five minutes without facing a flea assault. This is where we’ve been for the past few days: fogging, spraying, and basically trying everything we can to get rid of a widespread infestation that’s turning to the only available food source i.e us.

I think we’re beginning to win the war, but we’re going to be focused on getting rid of the little buggers over the next few days. Today’s mission: get a new dryer. Our current one can’t heat itself up to a high enough temp (or any temp at all) to kill anything. So, no safe, clean clothes.

There’s a ton of questions in our inbox and we mean to answer them all!

As soon as our feet stop itching.


(We’ll have to treat our mobile pesticide dispensers (cats) when we get them back from their grandma and grandpa, until then, we’re on our own.)