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Just curious, what are you a third degree black belt in (such as what martial art)?

I know what you mean, it’s actually on the Patreon page and I’ve talked about it in the past. It’s Taekwondo and I’m certified through the Ernie Reyes World West Coast Martial Arts Association. My master was/is Gary Nakahama (who has since retired), but I’ve trained with Masters Ernie Reyes Sr, Tony Thompson, and others as part of my preparation for my first, second, and third degree tests. (This is a standard requirement for all students.)

The West Coast Organization is famous and/or infamous in certain circles, but you can find out a lot about it if you’re interested. You can also go watch the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cheesily awesome movie Surf Ninjas if you’d like to see our masters in action as most of the organization’s original crew served as stunt doubles in the movie. It’s horribly 90s, terribly cheesy, occasionally cringe worthy, and very silly, but it holds a special place in my heart. It’s vintage West Coast Demo Team stuff.

“West Coast Team Asa!”

And all that.


This blog is supported through Patreon. If you have a heart, please don’t tell Master Reyes that I’m here but feel free to look him up on the web or in Black Belt Magazine. If you live in the California Bay Area and are interested in Taekwondo, I recommend looking up local schools as they provided some of the best moments in my childhood.