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How to Fight Write Live Chat

Happening in about 6 minutes. If you’ve got a burning question you want answered and an hour to kill, come join us!

UPDATE: Now with Show notes:

These are the questions we answered, some of these came from our inbox, so if you see a question you sent as an anonymous ask, we did get to you.

Say you have an experienced fighter up against an inexperienced fighter. What would clue the experienced fighter to the other’s lack of experience?

How realistic are those fight scenes (think the newer james bond movies) where they’re fighting intensely in suits and dress shoes? I wear suits way too often, and I dislike them because they seem to limit my movement, and the shoes are awkward.

Hello! I’ve been sending asks, but Tumblr sends them into the void; Character X is a commander knight directly under the royalty, so he has a complete armor. Most knights couldn’t afford the full set, I know, so what parts would ordinary soldiers wear?

I am writing a sci-fi action adventure, where some of the charcters are a special branch of a colonial military. They are meant to be dropped straight into combat and move fast. What equipment would be optimal for such a combat role?

Would it be better to carry multiple guns or a lot of ammunition for one gun into a fight? Which would be faster?

What advice can you offer when it comes to writing about injuries/wounds acquired during a fight? I really want to improve the realism, both during and after a fight. Also love your blog. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the help and such! :3

I was wondering if you had any advice for using your environment in a fight? For context I’ve been playing a tabletop rpg and my character isn’t great in a fight but he can interact with the environment easier than other characters.

I’m curious about your thoughts on superhuman fighting, specifically what sort of traits in the individuals would drastically start to alter how a fight would go down compared to a “normal” fight. (flight, speed, strength, durability etc.)

Announcement: Live Chat Tomorrow (1/10/16) at 3pm Pacific

We’re doing our first Patreon: How to Fight Write Live Chat tomorrow at 3pm Pacific.

we’re just working out the kinks, this one will be open to everyone who
wants to join as part our testing. We’ll be doing another next weekend
just for our $5 subscribers as promised as the kinks are worked out and,
if all goes well, probably again another at the end of the month.

We’ll also put an announcement out through our Patreon.

Here is the link to the Google Hangout Event.

See you then!

-Michi and Starke