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meltedwaxwing said: I figured the asker meant if an assailant has you by the hair, what is the best way to get out of it (have them let go so you can escape)? At least that’s what I wonder.

I interpreted it as “Someone is pulling my hair and I want to punch them, what do I do?”. Not, “if someone is pulling my hair and I’m in danger and I need to fight back, what do I do?”. The question was vague enough that it could mean anything. They could be getting their hair pulled by their best friend, the high school bully, or their little sister. So, it’s best to cover the bases to make sure. However, we did do an article on that. So here, have fun.

Fight Write: On Hair Pulling

For the OtherSidhe, nine times out of ten whoever gets to the nearest authority figure first to report the incident is going to look like the victim to that person, regardless of what actually happened. The guilty party is already framed in the mind of the authority figure, they’ve already made the decision by the time the second person gets to them and they act accordingly. They’re own prejudices also influence that decision.

But “hit them, then run to a teacher and lie your ass off” is a far more devious suggestion than I feel comfortable giving. Nevermind the fact that what we say on the internet can have real and lasting consequences in the “real world”.