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Medical Issues

Those of you who’ve been following us for more than the last couple months have probably noticed our output has been a lot more erratic than usual, lately.

Some of this has just been stress from family issues, that have tended to push our content into dense bursts, but unfortunately, some of this is a medical issue.

For the last month Michi has been experiencing gradually increasing pain in her upper arms and shoulders. We finally went to the doctor’s last week and learned that she has an early case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

In some respects, we’re extremely lucky that we caught it as early as we did, because it’s not severe enough to require surgery, at least yet, and we can work to mitigate some future damage. But, it will require physical therapy, and at present, Michi cannot work at the computer for prolonged periods. Which, unfortunately impacts writing articles for How to Fight Write.

This is especially frustrating for her, because she had just finished research on a fairly extensive article regarding resistance fighters, and was ready to go.

She’s scheduled for physical therapy, which will start next week. We both hope this will help her get back to writing posts here. But, until we know more, she is unable to post.