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Holy crap, guys!

Um, welcome! I’ve sort of been holding off welcoming new followers to this blog because we’ve been getting a steady stream over the past couple weeks and we’ve (Michi’s really) just sort of been staring at the screen in dumbfounded amazement. We’re nearly at 500 followers and given that we’ve only been doing this for three weeks or so, we can honestly say the success of this blog has surpassed our wildest dreams. No, really! Thank you!

We’re still figuring out the blogging thing, I (Michi) still don’t understand html, coding, and live in fear of the day I need to learn how to organize this thing. We’re working hard at creating posts for the queue since we’ll be moving soon in a few weeks and that may mean a few days of no internet. We’re also in the middle of trying to suss out the publishing industry, get a book published, and blocking out the next one. We’d do things like give-aways and we might in the future but right now Starke and I only have enough money for basic needs like food, shelter, paying off debt, and reference materials for our own writing (BOOKS!).

For the new followers, we usually post one article of our own a day and only reblog other articles that pertain to fighting, self-defense, writing about fighting, crafting fight scenes, and helping you guys craft awesome fighting mcbadasses.

Anyway, we’re so glad our information has been useful to so many of you! Welcome! If you have any questions or just want to party in our askbox, remember that it’s always open!