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Hello New Followers!

We passed 1,500 today which is pretty much one of the best presents we could have during this very difficult and stressful time. So, thank you! We’re still not in any kind of financial state to be doing giveaways, but here is are some resources for those of you interested in working with swords and European forms of fighting:

Samantha Swords: A practitioner of European forms of Martial Arts, she recently became Champion of the Longsword at the Harcourt Park Invitational Jousting Tournament. She seems like a good resource for you blade minded people.

I picked this one up off one of her asks: Wikitaneur run by the Historical European Martial Arts Alliance. These folks are looking to ressurect some of the extinct European forms of combat. This is their library of European manuscripts detailing some of those forms. Could be worth a look.

Hope that helps!


I sorta found this hilarious last night (but it was 3am). Also, hi new followers! We usually post one article a day, but since we’re in the middle of moving sometimes we might skip a day. Today we might skip a day, given that it’s pack up the kitchen without breaking your back Wednesday and this weekend is our Super Schlepping Weekend (Kitchen and Living Room Edition) #1.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy your stay. If you need anything our askbox is always open!


Hello, new followers! I’m so glad you’ve found my blog and hopefully it’ll be at least a little educational. It seems most of you started following me (us, sometimes, but mostly me, Michi, hi!) from my post about “Women Are Not Stronger Than Men”, I don’t do too many posts about women versus men, but I plan on doing more about female protagonists and women and fighting, plus more information about real world fighting versus staged/movie/book fight scenes in general. I don’t post a lot, I mostly try for one a day, I know that’s low for tumblr, but it’s mostly content I and Starke generate ourselves from personal experience and what we dig up through research for our own work.

It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that what’s common knowledge for me, the stuff I basically grew up knowing, isn’t what most of us learn. So, if you ever have any questions about women and fighting, women and weapons, self defense, or just fighting, fight scenes, etc, in general feel free to ask!

Welcome New Followers!

This is somewhat belated for some of you and for that I apologize. I’m glad to see the information I’m putting up has been useful! Please remember that my ask box is always open and it takes questions about anything, though I may be slow about responding. I’ll get down to creating a side bar eventually and while this won’t be the most active writing blog out there as I’m working on getting my own work published at the moment, I’ll try to at least put something up once a day.

Happy writing!