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original-recipe-winnafish said: [Gun disarms] CAN theoretically be done, right? but even for that they pretty much require serious training and still generally fall under ‘making situation worse’ right?

Not just theoretically, gun disarms can be executed with enough training. At a conceptual level most of them are just moderately advanced joint locks. The only thing that makes them actually dangerous is the gun itself.

Ironically, with training pistols, disarms are one of the safer techniques to train. It also sounds really badass, which is part of why a lot of schools are willing to train their students in them. With a huge, “do not try this at home” disclaimer. This just comes down to keeping the students entertained and continuing to pay their dues, while still giving them some of what they paid for.

The difficulty is, in the field, you have to execute the disarm perfectly. There’s almost no margin for error. And, contrary to what film fight choreography would have you believe, real fights are very messy and chaotic. Meaning actually pulling it off without getting shot is the hard part.